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Summer Intern 2018 - Reporting Specialist


Bratislava, Slovakia

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The Service Manager role within AT&T supports requests and inputs coming from IBM, the customer, working with Service Delivery (SD) & Service Assurance (SA) Teams to respond to the client in a timely manner either in respect of AT&T internal policies and process or in respect of contractual terms between AT&T and IBM (or end customer).
This internship role supports improved Change Management communication and collaboration between Service Management / Life Cycle Management (LCM) with the aforementioned SA/SD organizations; including supplementing the SM/LCM Team with supervised written communications using client facing systems with IBM (often in local language) as part of management system in place.
Interns will also support project based changes; supporting the offload of End to End (E2E) administrative activities from the SM Team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Key aspects of the role are:
• Daily communication with the IBM & end customers.
• Daily communication between AT&T SM and SA/SD Organizations.
• Being Business Escalation Point and support requests coming from customer, IBM and internal organizations.
• Supporting Lead Service Manager in regular stewardship reviews to discuss service quality, provisioning and in future billing aspects.
• Awareness of the elements of customer's service performance management.
• Expert knowledge of in-use operational support models.
• Functioning as a Report Facilitator and supporting the presentation of key messages.
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Proactive approach to avoid issues and risks.
• Understand your customer network and any critical business usage to enable fact-based decision-making by yourself and the organization during problem management.
• Understand customer’s business, attitude and specific needs.

Key Competencies and Skills:

Mandatory Skills:
• Fluent English skills supporting effective business communications across multicultural teams.
• Ability to work independently, multitask and perform well in a highly time sensitive environment.
• Strong knowledge of office tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
• Understanding of geographical and cultural, human and business differences
• Very strong structured communication and presentation skills

Preferred Qualities

• Focused, critical thinking supporting data analysis, data scrubbing and process logic.
• Ability to align with and understand the Customers Point of View enabling excellent Customer Service.

Education and Qualifications:

This role is targeted at College and University Students in Undergraduate Masters and Doctorate programs.

Any additional technical skills and certifications are welcome but not required.

Additional Information:

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