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Mainframe Networking - Technical Specialist


Toronto, Canada

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The core service for Host Networking, a combined service assurance and service delivery organization, is to provide remote, 7x24 support for software that facilitates communications to and from mainframes which are connected to the IBM network and/or AT&T network, globally.

We also support, in some instances, connectivity to the customer via IBM, or from the customer to AT&T via EVPN connections, and some elements on non-mainframe servers.

Note: The preference today is not to provide onsite support or support accounts without connectivity to IBM or AT&T, and only to support a 24/7 model but each situation will be considered on its own merit. Alternate pricing models are currently under investigation that may include limited hours of support, e.g. 9 – 5.

Tier 3 support generally consists of installation, customization, and management of the supported software, including security compliance. z/OS communications server (TCPIP/VTAM), session managers, file transfer products, and print services products are the main categories of software.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Ensure all aspects of ISeC and GSD331 are accurate &, up to date
Responsible for ITCS104, ISeC and GSD331 reviews and updates
Represent Host network regarding all security related meetings
Review all new client transitions from a security aspect regarding GSD331/ ISeC and steady state requirements (health checking, revalidations, security parameters, etc.)
Track, manage, and advice regarding all annual and quarterly Health Checking and User ID Validations
Responsible for managing, coordinating, planning, initiating, and updating all CIRATS Issues, Health Checks, and APARs
Responsible for managing, coordinating, updating, and presenting all Risk Acceptance documents
Host focal point for all internal and external audits which includes all meetings, presentations, data request/response coordination, and mitigations
Track, manage, and ensure applicable APARs are implemented within the target dates
Gather information needed from Techs in order to complete HC tasks for particular account
Update department account info as needed
Review GSD331, ISeC or ITSC104 for HC intervals and requirements
Review previous HC, open CIRATS if needed
Work with technicians to understand account and systems
Obtain userids for all accounts/systems to be Health Checked
Provide confirmation letter to techs before Health Check is to be done
Update HC results in SHARP database
Work with standards as much as possible
Determining OSR revalidations that need completed
Work closely with Security focals to make sure accounts are compliant

Key Competencies and Skills:

Required Skills:
z/OS MVS and VM Operating Systems:
Basic to Intermediate understanding of z/OS for MVS and/or VM operating systems
Basic to Intermediate understanding of MVS TSO (Time Sharing Option), JCL (Job Control Language), RACF, datasets and storage, MVS and VM commands and utilities.

Connectivity to/from Mainframe:
OSA configuration and OSA/SF knowledge and understanding of hardware addressing to be used with z/OS Communications Server configuration along with experience with older technologies (CIP, NCP etc.)
Products knowledge for VTAM, APPN, EE, TCPIP and all its associated services, SMTP,SENDMAIL,OMPROUTE,FTP.TN3270,Telnet,REXEC,and SNMP.

Problem determination skill set includes:
Ability to work with team to determine if problems are:
hardware or software caused on MVS/VM platform network problem or LAN/WAN network problem or user error causing issue that appears to be network related
non-network supported application error (CICS, IMS etc.) causing issue that appears to be network related.
Knowledge of when to engage software support for possible product issue and ability to run traces and dumps to capture data for support center

File Transfer Products
Skills with these file transfer products - NetView FTP, Connect: Direct and its Secure Plus feature, XCOM, TIBCO file transfer aka Cyberfusion, MVS RJE/NJE, and Tumbleweed Secure Transport.

Sessions Managers
Skills with IBM Session Manager, NetView Access Services, TPX, Teleview, Solve,
Supersession, Network Director, and SAMON

Network Management
Network NetView - primary tool used by AT&T for MF network management. NetView manages the network through issue of alerts and automation to restart failed network devices. Support team also needs REXX language coding language skill in order to write customer specific recovery scripts.
Knowledge of NetMaster, NPM, Netspy, and Omegamon.

Education and Qualifications:

Fluent Understanding of REXX and CLIST Coding
JCL / ISPF / JES Skills
SMPE Knowledge
SAF products and how they relate to OSR's and USER ID Setup
Working Knowledge of Network Devices and Infrastructure
System Programming and General Software install skills

Additional Information:

Self-sufficient, proactive, and driven with ability to work on different shifts without permanent supervision and direction.
Preferable work experience in 7 x 24 high exposure and critical operational areas.
Availability to work 7 x 24 shifts and flexibility to rotate on a regular basis.
Intermediate to advanced oral and written English language skills.
Intermediate to advanced oral and written French language skills.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Attention to detail.